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Steel’s Plus

The Steel's Plus gift basket provides a nice mix of our special candies as a way to say you ...

Price: $52.95

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Steel’s Special

The Steel's Special gift basket is a budget conscious way to share the taste of Steel’...

Price: $39.95

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Boardwalk Sampler

The Boardwalk Sampler gift basket provides a sampling of some of our most popular candies an...

Price: $74.95

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Boardwalk Brittles

The Boardwalk Brittles gift basket gives you an extra portion of our delicious peanut brittl...

Price: $71.95

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Taffy Lover’s

The Taffy Lover's gift basket allows you to satisfy those who love our delicious salt water ...

Price: $79.95

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Fudge Lover’s

The Fudge Lover’s gift basket is downright mouthwatering - great for those who love Gr...

Price: $84.95

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Steel’s Deluxe

The Steel's Deluxe gift basket gives a large sampling of our best candies and makes a great ...

Price: $94.95

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Molasses Paddles

Please try Molasses Paddles and satisfy your sweet tooth.  Bring back your childhood me...

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